Magical Breakfast Cream

Let’s talk breakfast. My last post about oatmeal, written from the heart (and stomach) exploded all over my Facebook wall. It seems the general consensus is that oatmeal doesn’t do what we want it to: satiate us. Well, thankfully, this winter I’ve stumbled upon a breakfast that DOES satiate me: Magical Breakfast Cream. (I like and also don’t like that name. There is no cream in the recipe.) I read a book called French Women Don’t Get Fat, and in the cookbook the author Mireille Guiliano shares a lovely recipe.


It was suggested as a kind of weight loss trick. An easy change in your breakfast, high in fiber, low on sugar, sure to keep you full until lunch!


French Women Don’t Get Fat By Mireille Guiliano (I made some slight adjustments for my preferences.)

Magical Breakfast Cream

Serves one



1/2 cup 2% plain Greek-style yogurt (or make your own!)

1 teaspoon flaxseed oil

1 tablespoon finely ground nuts (raw or toasted, but no salt or sugar added)

1 teaspoon honey

2 tablespoons finely ground cereal (with no sugar added, like shredded wheat)

1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice (Meyer or organic, natch)

Optional juice and pulp of 2 tangerines or a small orange



1) Put the yogurt in a bowl and add the oil. Mix well. Add the lemon juice. Mix well. Add the honey. Mix well.

2) Finely grind the cereal (I used a Magic Bullet) Make enough for a week. Scoop out your 2 tablespoons and add to your yogurt mixture. Mix well.

3) Finely grind the nuts (I used a Magic Bullet) Make enough for a week. Scoop out your 1 tablespoon and add to your yogurt mixture. Mix well.



Easiness Rating, Preferences, and General Comments:

Easiness: Fairly Easy
Flaxseed oil? You’re kidding, right? I definitely don’t have that on hand. What do I turn to? My trusty chia seeds, of course. Chia seeds contain fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Flaxseed has similar nutritional value, so I say chia seeds are in! Plus, I have a huge bag of them. Let’s use them up!

I LOVE honey. I changed up my honey every day for a little alteration in the flavors, to keep from getting bored.

I also liked the tart lemon taste and the thicker texture that results when the only liquid is lemon juice.  My mother prefers the orange taste and the texture the oranges and orange juice provide. It becomes creamier.

Play around with the order in which you place the ingredients in the yogurt. Recently I’ve been prepping the yogurt and chia seeds at night. In the morning I just dump everything else in. Sometimes I do the lemon first and get my yogurt really tart. Sometimes I add lemon right on top of cereal, and the cereal is more tart than the yogurt.

General Comments:
I drink green tea with this breakfast. It is a great pairing. ALSO: this meal keeps me full until lunch!



In the book,¬†Mireille encourages you to also give up two vices during the week you are eating this breakfast. I use it as a recalibration. During that week I try to give up two things. Recently it has been snacking. After dinner is has been popcorn and ice cream. When I find myself eating one (Or both!) on most days of the week, I know I need to recalibrate. I don’t want to give up those things forever, but I do want to make my self less dependent on them. I want to enjoy in moderation. If I can give them up for a week, when I re-introduce them into my diet, I will be able to be satisfied with less and at a lesser frequency than before. The whole point is to eat what I want when I want, but the reason I want to eat is to be satisfied.

The first time I did the Magical Breakfast Cream was the week after Christmas. Christmas to New Years. I decided to give up Christmas treats. This did not include chocolate or ice cream that was not Christmas themed. I chose Christmas treats because they were around and I was eating far too many of them. I decided this meant pie, See’s Candy, and Christmas cookies. You can make up your own rules. Just make sure you are choosing wisely and effectively. I packaged up what I didn’t want to miss out on, and put it away. The rest I decided I didn’t care about and anyone could eat. I have serious Fear Of Missing Out issues when it comes to food.

I went about my week. I didn’t miss those extra calories. I could hang out by the cookies and not want to eat them because I was full (I was eating three great meals a day, starting with the MBC) and I knew I wouldn’t have to wait for Christmas to enjoy them again (just check the freezer, solving my FO-MO problem).

When my week was over, I didn’t crave those treats I saved. If ever I was desiring something sweet, I would look at my stash, make a selection, and enjoy it. I would sit down, serve it on a cute plate or in a cute bowl, and really make a moment out of my treat. (I am SO OVER guilt. I will enjoy all the treats I want, I will not do it in secret, and you can’t guilt me or fat shame me about it.)

Another time I did the MBC week, I gave up ice cream. I love ice cream. It’s all I wanted. I told myself I was giving up ice cream, but I could have other treats if I wanted them. Because I love ice cream so much and all the other treats so little, I figured I wouldn’t touch ANY treats. My plan backfired. I did eat those other treats. But I didn’t want them. I wanted ice cream. So, the next time I’m doing a no ice cream week, what I will really do is a “No willy nilly any amount of ice cream at any time or of any quality week.” Instead I will say, “I can have one scoop of great, high quality ice cream, only when I really want it. Sit down and enjoy it. If I am satiated with two bites, stand up and put the rest in the freezer.”

I don’t want to go through life thinking about all the foods I wish I were eating. I don’t want dieting to be a struggle of will power. I love the French Women Don’t Get Fat mindset. It’s basically what I’ve always wanted, but she gave me the tools and the courage. She also gave me a satisfied tummy from breakfast till lunch, and that may be the best gift of all.

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