Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

We have a victor! Well, I suppose to have a true victor, I would need to test out all those recipes… but I didn’t. I just chose the one that I couldn’t stop thinking about. That’s basically how I base all my decisions.

Saturday mornimageing is a great morning for pancakes. Sunday, too. Well, all days are great for pancakes. This recipe was fairly easy, fun, and delicious. I rate all recipes by easiness. I don’t mean skill level needed to obtain a successful outcome. I’m talking about whether or not I have to go to the store.

If I must put on pants and shoes and go to the store before I start cooking? HARD. Not easy. Almost impossible.

If the only thing I have to put on in the morning is an optional apron and favorite cooking music? Easy.

This recipe was rated fairly easy because I don’t own poppy seeds. Is that a normal thing to own? Well, I don’t own them and I don’t ever plan on owning any. So, I substituted chia seeds. Brilliant, no? The look is the same, the crunch is the same, and even after days in my fridge, the chia seeds did not swell up and lose their crunchiness as chia seeds are wont to do.

I had a grand time infusing my sugar with lemon zest. It was such a brilliant step to get the fragrance and flavor all up in that batter. I plan on doing more things like that in my life. Next time I think I’ll mix a little extra, scoop out that little bit and use it as a sugar hand scrub before I carry on with the recipe. I’m all about pampering.

As promised in the recipe this batter is not very sweet. I took the liberty of imageadding sweetness to it: Pure maple syrup, bananas, and powdered sugar. I regret nothing.

This batter made a lot, and I ended up keeping it in my fridge for five days, and eating it three different days before it was gone. The first day I used butter on my griddle. The second day I used cooking spray, and the third day I used oil. No surprise the oil had the tastiest results. I loved the crispy edges when cooked with oil.

I was really impressed with how well this batter held up in the fridge, and even more impressed that my chia seed decision proved itself even after five days in the fridge.




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