Meyer Lemon Harvest

Merry Meyer Lemon Harvest time! (And Merry Christmas, of course!) I’ve been patiently awaiting the ripening of these beauties. ¬†Everyday I spy them out my window as I eat breakfast. There is just something so beautiful about fruit in the morning. It feels like a promise for a good day.

Today a few lemons were ready, and they smell so good. The whole plant smells like the freshest lemon you’ve ever encountered. Because, or course, they are. Somehow I always forget the lemon tree smells like lemon, and it is always a delightful olfactory surprise when I catch the scent.

Now I have to decide how to enjoy these Meyer Lemons off the tree. I’m thinking pie. Maybe bars. Check back here and I’ll post a few gathered from the Internet recipes we can choose from. The chosen recipe will be honored to use our first fruits of the season!

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