How to look hot in photo booth photos

Photo booths are all the rage right now. But really, they have been raging forever, practically. Personally, if I see a photo booth and I’m with someone I moderately like, I’m shoving that person into the small booth, dragging the curtains closed around us, and busting out my credit card like six dollah aint no big deal. Then it’s time for our close ups.

But, what to do? Sure, if you are in a photo booth with your significant other, you could take four pics of kissing. Hashtag lame, hashtag getalife, and hashtag basic. Stop being boring. Start looking great and being a cooler person!

1) Agree on color, sepia, or black and white. You should, by now, know how you look best. I look best in color. But not everyone does, and I find black and white to be the most overall forgiving. It’s important that everyone in the photo looks hot for maximum overall hotness. Black and white also has that red lip classic thing that you like, which never goes out of style, so there’s that.

2) Discuss poses. Never go free style. That is a mess waiting to happen. Messes, even hot messes, are never hot. It’s important to know what is trending in the selfie zone. You should do at least one of those poses, to keep your photos current and to acknowledge that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Right now it’s the heart shape made of hands. A few years ago it was the duck face.

You should also do a sweet, pretty, smiling face, a goofy face, and whatever your signature is. Smoldering eyes gazing into the camera? The peace sign? Open mouth surprised look? Whatever it is, go for it!

I have a friend whose signature is the peace sign. We started with that one, moved on to duck face, then pretty smile, then my signature the open mouth surprised look, and bam! Hot photo strip, delivered to our friendship in under two minutes.

3) Know where to look. Most photo booths have a screen that allows you to see yourself, and the camera is above that screen. So take a look at yourself, get that heart shape in the right spot, then look up at the camera. The lights are flashing, but you have got to get it together, you only have one shot at this!

4) Take a minute to prep. Finger comb hair, reapply lipstick, adjust clothing. No one was ever sad when they took a minute to remove their purse from their shoulder.


Some people could make a case that the photo booth is all about being impromptu. They might say it is more fun making up poses on the fly. But following my steps, you have plenty of fun, and the fun continues when you end up with super great and hot photos.

You’re welcome.

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